Chotek Park


When count Karel Chotek started his political carrier of the leader of the country, being the Supreme Burgrave of the Kingdom, he made a lot of afford in modernisation and beautification of Prague by enlarging the green spots there. He also founded the oldest public park in 1832 in eastarn part of the Royal Garden close the the Royal Summerhouse. It was the park in the English style with original name of Municipal or People´s garden (Volksgarten in German), but since 1841 it bears the name of its founder, Chotek Park. At the end of 19th century the park was partially recontstructed by garden architect František Thomayer (brother of the famous medical doctor Josef Thomayer), who had the little pond built at the eastern part of the park. There was unrevealed the monument of the poet Julius Zeyer in 1913, which has the shape of the cave with marble statues inspired by characters of his poems made by Josef Maudr. In 1960s the little bridge connected Letná Park and Chotek Park according to the design of architect Jaroslav Fragner. Since 1997 the park is under the management of the Administration of the Prague Castle and it was connected with the Royal Garden. In 1998 the old Fragner´s bridge was replaced by a new one disigned by architect Bořek Šípek, thanks to the donation of Foundation of Václav and Olga Havel.


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