Malá Strana

Kampa Park is situated on an island by the Lesser Town bank, being disconected from the "inland" by Čertovka Stream and from Smíchov by Říční street. We don´t know exactly where did the name "Kampa" come from: probably it is called by Tycho Gansgeb of Kamp, who owned a house here or it is derived from Latin word campus - field, plain which once was here or finally derived from antient Czech world "zakampí" - shadowed place. Čertovka (Devil´s Stream) is an artificial channel, side canal of the Vltava River. The island grew higher and higher both by natural sediments and artificial backfill. At the beggining there were gardens at the island and only starting the 15th century there started building process. The first buildings were the mills, with their own gardens which were later fundaments of the noble gardens. The park got the today appearence in 1947 - 1948 in English landscape park style. There is a villa which the count of Nostic gave to the Czech intelectual of the time of the national rebirth, Josef Dobrovsky. There is his monument in front of the villa, which was replaced here from Vrchlický Park in 1949. In the villa many important people lived: during the time of First Republic, the academic Zdeněk Wirth, after the war Jan Werich (the busts of both of them are situated at the facade) and Vladimír Holan. At the border of Kampa and Velkopřevorské Square a famous painted Lennon Wall is situaded. Every year on 8th December young people come to commemorate his tragical death by lighting the candles.


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