Wallenstein Garden

Malá Strana, Letenská

Wallenstein Garden is probably the first palace garden in Prague which was created in connection with the palace itself. It bellongs to the Wallenstein palace, which has its entrance from the Valdštejnské (Wallenstein) Square. The garden is organized purely geometricaly, represents the early baroque style and is situated between the palace, Wallenstein horse-riding hall and Letenska street and it´s surrounded by the wall. Both the palace and the garden were founded in 1623 to 1630. Albrecht of Wallenstein, the general of the Emperor´s Ferdinand II. army, had the complex built at the place of former 25 houses, 7 gardens, brickyard and other lands. Salla terrena, adjected to the Wallenstein palace, was finished in the year 1629. Next to it there is situated the artificial stalactical cave (grotta), sometimes mistakely called Wallenstein´s bathroom. Part of the garden is ocupated by the artificial lake with a little island, which was used for boat rides. In 1816 the inventor Josef Brožek was experimenting with model of steam boat on this lake. In the years 1625 - 1626 the dutch sculptor Adriaen de Vries created the set of scultures inspired by the Greek mythology. Those sculptures were in 1648 taken to Sweden as spoils of war. Till now they are displayed at Drootningholm chauteau. The copies for Wallenstein Garden were ordered by Adolf of Wallenstein in 1914 - 1915. The third entrance to the garden in the gate from the underground station Malostranská was open in 1997.


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