This tower is located at the end of the Golden Lane. Built as a cylindrical artillery bastion in the hillside above the Jeleni Prikop (Deer Moat) by Benedikt Ried in 1496, it was originally higher but only five stories have been preserved.


Jindrisska Tower (Jindřišská věž)

New Town, Jindrisska Street On March 3rd, 1348, Charles IV. signed the founding document of the New Town of Prague. It’s three main centers, Dobytci trh (Cattle Market), today called Karlovo namesti, Konsky trh (Horse Market) or Vaclavske namesti and Senny trh (Hay Market) or Senovazne namesti were linked by Jindrisska and Vodickova Street which were laid out at the same time.


New-Town Hall

The first mention of the town hall dates from 1377. It already had two floors, which survive in the structure today. In the section nearest the square was an official space for city business; in that facing Vodickova street were offices and a prison.


Old Town Bridge Tower

Along with the bridge, Petr Parler built the Old Town Bridge Tower right above the first pillar on the Old Town side of the bridge. It is considered the most beautiful Gothic gate in Europe.


Powder Tower

The Powder Tower (or Powder Gate) stands at the east end of the Celetná street, and it serves as a monumental entrance to the Old Town. From the first half of the 13th century there was a gate called Shredded (Odraná in Czech).


Elevated tank of the Lesser Town

Elevated tank of the Lesser Town This is the smallest historical elevated tank in Prague and is also called Petržílkova tank. Moreover, it is the only historical elevated tank on the left bank of the river Vltava.


Lesser Town Bridge Towers

Malá Strana The lower, Romanesque one – or Judith Tower – was founded in the late 1120s. Obviously older than the Judith bridge and built from sandstone, the tower was part of the left bank fortification.



Weather in Prague

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