Old-New synagogue

The Old-New synagogue was built approximately in the middle of the 13th century in the early Gothic style. Originally it was called New or Great Synagogue to be distinguished from the older synagogue which hasn´t been preserved till our time.


Spanish synagogue

In place of the oldest Jewish temple called "Old School", the Spanish synagogue was built in 1868. Designed by architects Vojtěch Ignác Ullmann and Josef Niklas in the Moorish style, it was erected on a square ground plan with a cupola over the centre.


Maisel Synagogue

Staré Město, Maiselova 8 a 10 The Maisel synagogue was built between 1590 and 1592 by the Mayor of the Jewish Town, Mordechai Maisel, who financed the extensive Rennaissance reconstruction of the ghetto.


Pinkas Synagogue

Staré Město, Široká 3 The synagogue is associated with the Horovic family. In 1535, Aron Mešullam Horovic had it built between his house "At the Coat of Arms" and the wall of the Old Jewish Cemetery.


High synagogue

Staré Město Červená 5 The High synagogue was built at the end of 1570s in the high renaissance style as part of the building of Jewish Town Townhall.


Jubilee Synagogue

Nové Město, Jeruzalémská 7 Prague`s biggest and also newest synagogue was built in the pseudo - Moorish style between June 26, 1905 and September 6, 1906 under the supervision of builder Alois Richter according to the project of an experienced synagogue designer Wilhelm Stiassny.



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