Maisel Synagogue

Staré Město, Maiselova 8 a 10

The Maisel synagogue was built between 1590 and 1592 by the Mayor of the Jewish Town, Mordechai Maisel, who financed the extensive Rennaissance reconstruction of the ghetto. The architects of the synagogue were Josef Wahl and Juda Goldsmied de Herz. The original building was heavily damaged by fire in 1689, and was then repaired in a Baroque style. Its Baroque appearance was obscured by the Gothic reconstruction of Professor A Grott, undertaken between 1893 and 1905. What remains from the original Rennaissance layout is the three-naved stucture of the main gallery, with storied women's galleries. Today, the Maisel Synagogue serves as an exhibition space and depository for the Jewish Museum.


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