Pinkas Synagogue

Staré Město, Široká 3

The synagogue is associated with the Horovic family. In 1535, Aron Mešullam Horovic had it built between his house "At the Coat of Arms" and the wall of the Old Jewish Cemetery. After WWII, the synagogue was turned into a Memorial to the victims of the Holocaust. The names of the murdered Jews are printed on the walls along with their personal data and place of residence. In 1968, the Memorial closed down because the stability of the building was compromised by ground water. In the process of insulating the foundations, a cellar was discovered with an old well and ritual bath. The Communist government intentionally delayed the work and the inscriptions gradually peeled off. The renovation work was finally finished in 1990 and between 1992 - 1996, the names of some 80.000 Czech and Moravian Jews who perished during the Holocaust were printed on the walls again.


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