Old-New synagogue

The Old-New synagogue was built approximately in the middle of the 13th century in the early Gothic style. Originally it was called New or Great Synagogue to be distinguished from the older synagogue which hasn´t been preserved till our time. Only in the 16th century, when other synagogues were built in Prague, the name Old-New started being widely used. The main room is nowadays the only representation of the medieval type of synagogues represented in the history by the romanesque synagogue in Worms (dating from 12th century) and early Gothic synagogue in Regensburg, which were both destroyed during the WW2. The hall is vaulted by six vaults, each divided into five parts by the ribs, which are supported by two octogonal pillars. Old-New synagogue, which does not bellong into the Jewish Museum, is one of the three Prague synagogues where the services are held. The other two are High and Jerusalem synagogue.


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